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  VstarSoft's Numbers is an entertaining mobile game which can be played in single or multiplayer modes.The game offers to use the bluetooth technology for multiplayer games.

Game concepts
  In this game your goal is to find a 4 digit number which is hidden from you. This hidden number is created by the computer or another human player based on whether you are playing a one or two player mode. Everytime you make an attempt by submiting a 4 digit number your opponent will examine your answer and tell you your progress in finding the hidden number. This is done by filling in the 'num' and 'pos' values in the game screen. The 'num' value tells you how many digits in your answer matchs the digits in the hidden number,the 'pos' values tells you how many of this digits you matched or found are in their correct positions. It will take you a series of steps to find the hidden number this way. Later we will see some examples on how to play the game.

Game rules
  For playing this game you have to follow 3 simple rules.
Rule 1-The numbers you enter should be a 4 digit numbers,no more or less.(example:1234 or 9062).
Rule 2-You can't use the same digit more than once in one number. Forexample '1217' is illegal because the digit '1' is used more than once.
Rule 3-You can't start a number with a leading zero. Forexample '0123' is illegal because zero can't be used as the first digit of the number.

Game play examples
  Assume that the hidden number your are supposed to find is '3486', and on your first attempt your entered the number '1234',based on this you can see that two of the digits in the hidden number are also found on the number you entered which are '3' and '4' you can also see that the positions of this digits in the hidden number is lst(three) and 2nd(four) and the position in your number is 3rd(three) and 4th(four) what this means is that you didn't get the position of any of the digits you found. Based on this the value ofthe 'num' field in the game screen would be 2(telling you got 2 digits right) and the 'pos' field would be 0(telling you didn't get any positions right). Remember that this is not a guessing game, for your next attemps you should use the data you get from your previous attempts. Forexample from the above example we now know that from the four digits we are trying to find two of the digits are found in the '1234' group,the rest two digits must be in the remaining groups of digits which are 5,6,7,8,0,or 9. Now lets say for our next attempt we entered the number '7680',from this it's clear to see that we found two digits right(6 and 8) and one position right(which is the position of the digit '8' which is the 3rd position in both the hidden number and the number we entered) so accordingly the value of 'num' for our number would be 2 and the values of 'pos' would be 1. When you become really good playing this game it might take you as few as 5 attempts to finish this game with out luck being involved. The idea is to eliminate the digits that are unwanted and to try and find the four digits that are in the hidden number along with their correct positions.

How to play
  Use the up and down keys to navigate through the menu elements and press the middle key to choose your selection,note that on some phones you may need to use the dial key or the left soft key to choose your selection. For touch screen phones you can tap to the screen to navigate and choose your selection. Once you have started a game use the numpad keys to enter your number. Use the pound(#) key to clear(remove) the digits you have entered. Press the middle key or the left/right soft keys(based on were the ok command is located on the screen) to submit your number.
  For phones with QWERTY keyboard(this are phones which have a keyboard similar to a computer keyboard) like blackberry and other types in order to enter your numbers in the game screen you should first lock the number mode, you can do this in most phones by pressing the 'alt' key and then the 'caps lock' key(this key usually have the 'aA' symbol). If you can't lock number mode this way then check your device documentation to see on how to do that. With out the number lock turned on you must press 'alt' key and the number" keys every time you want to enter digits.
  For touch screen phones if the virtual keypad is visible you can use that to enter your numbers if not you can tap the game screen and an input dialog with an input field will appear, tap to the input field to display the virtual keypad, enter your number and tap ok, this will take you back to the input dialog which has an 'ok' command, tap the 'ok' command to go to the main game screen finally tap the 'ok' command found on the main game screen to submint the number you have entered.

Two player mode
  The two player mode allows you to play this game with other human player in two ways. The first way is using bluetooth to establish a connection between the players,to use this you first need to make sure that bluetooth option is turned on in the opiton menu element. When bluetooth is on you will be given an opiton to host or join a game, since there are two players one player must host a game and the other will join the game. Choose one of this opitions and follow the instructions until you reach to an input dialog which asks you to enter your hidden number,this number you enter is the number that the other player is trying to find. Remember that your opponent will be asked to enter his/her hidden number which you will be trying to find. This number will be interchanged between you and your opponent. Once you are in the game screen the top row will show you the last attempt that your oppoennt has made to find your number.
  The second way is if the bluetooth option is turned off then when you choose two players the input dialog will appear, in this case the other player should enter the hidden number for you to find directly in to your phone and you should do the same in your opponents phone,the reason for this is as it is previously indicated the computer is responsible for comparing the hidden number and the number you enter and filling the 'num' and 'pos' values,so if you are using bluetooth you can enter your hidden number in your phone and this value will be sent to the other player using bluetooth and the same thing happens from your opponents side. But if you are not using bluetooth since there is no way to send data you must directly enter your hidden number in your opponents phone.
  In doing all this make sure the bluetooth option is the same in your and your opponents phone. That is if you are using bluetooth then your opponent should also use bluetooth and vice versa. The only reason you and your opponent need to turn bluetooth off is when you can not connect your devices using bluetooth.

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